Our company was built on hard work, moral integrity and quality service.

It is our goal and mission to give you the time, respect and competitive pricing that your company demands and deserves. 


1.         We promise that we will never knowingly mislead, lie or misrepresent our intentions regarding a load or freight move we are handling for you.   

2.       We promise to bill the quoted price and not to add additional surcharges
without your verbal or written consent.  This includes fuel surcharges,
waiting time for loading/unloading, extra stops, tarps and anything else
that may arise.

3.       We will offer competitive pricing that reflects the service you require.

4.       We will treat your staff with respect and professionalism.  We ask that you
do the same for our staff.

5.       We will trace your shipments when requested and keep you informed in a
timely fashion of departures, transit times and arrivals of freight.

6.       We also recognize that from time to time that problems will occur, and in
that event, we will remedy the situation so that we are both satisfied with
the outcome.


We represent you as much as you represent us. If these pledges and requests are compatible with your operation and manner of business, we look forward to your business. Together we can succeed!